Der echte Gaues

Website Conception & Corporate Design

Jochen Gaues is a man with a passion for baking, and his bread is an unadulterated, absolutely delicious alternative to industrially-manufactured bread. Star chefs, purists and gourmets who appreciate pure taste, pure ingredients and artisan production swear by Gaues. Amongst many others, his customers include top restauranteurs, the Chancellery and the German national football team. Gaues has received many awards for his achievements in the bakery.

redroses communications has been at his side since Jochen Gaues embarked on a business relaunch in 2019 with his own shops and under his own name  – „DER ECHTE GAUES“.

Our Services

  • Design a logo and CI for DER ECHTE GAUES
  • Concept, copywriting, layout and production of the website
  • Develop and design other advertising materials for DER ECHTE GAUES