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Urban Scents was founded in Berlin in 2014 by Parfumeur Créateur Marie Urban-Le Febvre and Alexander Urban. A passionate aviator, Parfumeur Créateur Marie Urban-Le Febvre is a discoverer of terrae incognitae with her plane just as much as with her senses. Like an infinity-shaped propeller blading through air, Marie pierces through olfactory terrains and uses scent to journey into the world of the senses.

Urban Scents aims high, and not just in terms of quality. The exquisite ingredients are sourced from independent workshops and processed at a small perfume house in Grasse. The night-blue flacons with the propeller logo are handmade in a glass workshop in France, the nickel-plated brass caps are forged in Italy and the high quality packaging is made in Germany.

The collection is currently comprised of eight fragrances and four scented candles.

Urban Scents is part of the fragrance portfolio of will be a brand.

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