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Søstrene Grene is a Danish chain that aims to enrich life with aesthetic design, creativity and joy – and to share that incomparable mindset the Danes refer to as ‘hygge’: a special mood suffused with contentment, warmth and mindfulness. Søstrene Grene – which is Danish for the “Grene Sisters” – specialises in home décor items, kitchen goods, gift-wrapping items, DIY products, stationery and small items of furniture. The ever-changing range of appealing products is presented attractively with subtle lighting and classical music in the background, providing a soothing refuge from the stressful bustle outside.

In 2016, Søstrene Grene opened its first shop in Germany and has been expanding rapidly since: redroses has planned and organised more than 50 openings since the brand’s market launch, and has organised and provided communication and support services for numerous pre-opening and influencer events.

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