Corona = Responsibility

A virus has turned our world upside down: society, business, personal relations are all affected in some way, and in many cases are completely on hold. Every day, corona delivers new facts and figures, new insights and constantly changing guidelines. Although we are adapting to the new, strict rules that govern our lives and how we engage with each other, corona is synonymous with fear, concern for our health, our jobs and our financial security.

But for us there’s one thing that corona represents more than anything else, and that is responsibility.

At redroses we assume responsibility: for others, by sticking to the rules, even if they are awkward. We assume responsibility for ourselves by reorganizing the way we work. And, of course, we assume responsibility for our customers by supporting them in this crisis with all our expertise and our sensitivity for this particular challenge. With our extensive experience in crisis communication and change management, we’re here to help you communicate with consumers, employees, business partners and investors across all channels.

We know that communication plays an essential role in times of crisis. It engages with people and reaches them in their own surroundings. It provides guidance and support, information and enlightenment, and – above all – motivation. Effective communication not only takes facts seriously, but also emotions.

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