will be a brand

Grey Market campaign

Niche fragrances are the secret stars of the perfume market. They are core fragrances with unusual and sometimes even revolutionary concepts, created by innovative perfumers who realise their visions outside of the mainstream perfume market.

will be a brand offers a home for young German niche perfumery. The company, which is based in Berlin, distributes and supervises the labels of Germany’s best, wildest and most visionary perfumers.

The downside to this creativity is that will be a brand is increasingly being threatened by the shady side of the perfume industry: the brand is experiencing a massive wave of grey market goods on a scale that is highly detrimental to the brand’s portfolio of perfume artworks. Cheap re-imports from other distribution areas are being brought into wbab’s sales region by other distributors and sold off at rock-bottom prices. Also, a steady flow of fake goods from the Middle East and Asia and stolen goods are flooding the market, damaging wbab’s business.

As an initiative to combat the grey market, redroses designed a comprehensive educational campaign called “Dirty Shades of Grey”. The objective is to inform consumers and retailers about the situation and to warn them against buying stolen goods or grey market products.

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