Project Renegades

Project Renegades unites the rebels of the artisan perfume world:  Geza Schön,, Mark Buxton and Bertrand Duchaufour, the wildest and most creative fragrance artists from the world’s most buzzing cities. They have created three fragrances that are thrillingly uncompromising, even by today’s standards, and breathtakingly ahead of their time. Project Renegades is an olfactory fantasy for true individualists: radical, complex, bold, incomparable.

The packaging of Project Renegades also pushes hard against the boundaries. The perfumers give their alter egos a free rein and let them loose as rebel cowboys in a graffiti / comic style – out of control, untamed and with a generous dash of irony. The removable 3D head on the bottle is unique in the perfume world

The unique spirit of the fragrances and their future wearers is reflected in the brand’s distribution: Project Renegades is available only in a few, selected stores. redroses’ PR activities created an incredible buzz and sparked desire.

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