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It’s a match! redroses and AMORELIE are doing it again.

Product communication for the AMORELIE Advent Calendar 2018

Following the highly successful launch communication for EAU YES, the wonderful AMORELIE team approached us again in summer 2018. This time they wanted product communication for the brand’s signature product: the legendary AMORELIE Advent Calendar!

Who could have foreseen just what a massive success this product was going to be back in 2013, when the first AMORELIE Advent Calendar – lovingly hand-packed by the brand’s office staff – hit the market? Its arrival forever transformed the countdown to Christmas for couples and singles, adding an erotic frisson to their love lives. Every year, the cult calendar – which is available in a Classic and a Premium version – sells out fast. The secret behind its success is that it is the only advent calendar that couples can share and it contains surprises for those eager to try out something new. The calendar has become a byword for a seductive, sensual festive season.

Love is a mission that everyone at redroses can wholeheartedly get behind, and we threw ourselves passionately at this job of telling people around the world about the AMORELIE Advent Calendar. Ok, perhaps not quite the whole world, but we made sure that all the key editorial offices in Germany, Austria and Switzerland received an advent calendar in late summer to give them plenty of time to explore its charms and feel its effect. We positioned the best-seller in all key target media and provided a wide range of story-telling inspiration for TV formats. Coordinating competitions and sweepstake cooperations rounded off the second instalment of the AMORELIE x redroses love story.

To be continued…

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