Ballistic Therapy

Brand PR

Ballistic Therapy is a young Berlin fragrance label that is making a move on the fragrance and beauty market with a daring and very creative concept. “9mm” is the brand’s first launch, created by Geza Schön. Its message is masculinity, provocation and attraction, and at the same time it questions conventional gender stereotypes.

“Ballistic Therapy” means shooting at things to relieve stress – the louder the bang, the greater the effect. The fragrances are also a charity project: 20% of profits are donated specifically to projects that promote peace.

We supported the brand during their first launch and ensured that it created a “bang” that reverberated through the media out to audiences.

Our Services

  • PR for the product launch of “9mm”, the first Ballistic Therapy fragrance
  • Brand PR Online and Print
  • Sending out samples to the Press and Influencers