Atelier PMP

Brand PR

Atelier PMP (Perfume Mayr Plettenberg) is an art label set up by Stefanie Mayr, designer and artist, and Daniel Plettenberg, brand builder and owner of VALOR Research & Consulting GmbH. These two creative minds joined forces to revolutionise the perfume market with their unusual perfume concepts. The focus is not only on the actual fragrance, but particularly on the concept behind it. AtelierPMP commissions some of the world’s leading perfumers, such as Mark Buxton, to translate their ideas into a perfume, and they work with artists from a wide array of genres and styles from all around the world to tell the perfume’s story in an inspiring and artistically eloquent way.

Communication for the label’s fragrances also lives from skilful storytelling – made by redroses.

Our services

  • Fragrance Launches
  • Brand and Product PR
  • Influencer Relations
  • Social Media Management
  • POS Communication
  • Events