April Aromatics

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April Aromatics is the fragrance label of Tanja Bochnig, perfumer and founder of Aromayoga®. Tanja Bochnig, discovered the healing properties of essential oils during her extensive travels. After studying aromatherapy, botany and natural perfume creation for several years, Tanja set up her own perfume and cosmetics brand, April Aromatics, which is based in Berlin. Her range of organic, natural perfumes is based on a holistic approach: the fragrances create a sense of well-being and aim to lift the spirits. High-quality, naturally pure ingredients and artisanal blending maintain the quality and the soul of each perfume. Each perfume is also enriched with individual gemstone essences which gift energy and harmony to the wearer.

redroses unleashed a targeted PR campaign to successfully position the label in the relevant media and bring it to the attention of influencers.

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